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2007 Reunion Photos
2006 Reunion Photos
2005 Reunion Photos
2004 Reunion Photos
2003 Reunion Photos
2002 Minutes and Photos

1994 Minutes and photos

1993 Minutes

1981 Reunion Photos
Photo 1

Old Wolfe Photos Scrapbook
provided by Eileen Angelino and others

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Wolfe News

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 2007 Reunion Photos
posted on 3/9/2008

More Old Photos

Provided by Sandra (Wolfe) Sommers

 Old photos added to Scrapbook
provided by Eileen Angelino and others

Virgina (Wolfe) Smith
2007 Group Photo

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  Photos added to view


Photo of Lewis Wolfe (circa 1917)
Photo provided by Henry Wolfe
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2006 Reunion at Nazareth Park

The 2006 reunion held on Saturday, August 12, 2006

2005 Reunion Photos

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The 2005 Reunion was held on Saturday, August 20, 2005 from 1:00PM  - 8:00PM.  The reunion was at Nazareth Park and started at 1:00 PM.  Nine tables were reserved by Sandra. The location was behind the refreshment stand across the creek by the steps that lead up to the log cabin.

Additional descendant information provided by Lori Wolfe Markey.  Descendant of Alfred Jacob Wolfe. 
Click Here to view the additional information highlighted in red on pages 4 and 5.

Read Lewis Samuel Wolfe Biography (1895-1977) by Virginia (Wolfe) Smith

2010 Wolfe Officers
Ron Smith

Richard Wolf

Sandra Sommers

Eileen Angelino
Eileen Wolfe Angelino
Old Wolfe Photos
Eileen Family Reunion 2002
Wolfe Reunion Aug. 2002
Photo by Jim Garcia
Photo Gallery
Attention Wolfe Family Members.  Your photos are needed for this site.
Sandra Wolfe and Santa Claus
Photo by Sandra Wolfe


 Who are these Wolfe Girls?
Wolfe Girls
Top Left:  Salome Beatrice Wolfe
Top Right:  Eva Mary Williamson Wolfe
Bottom Left:  Millicent Marie Metzgar Wolfe
Bottom Right: Virginia Mable Wolfe
Bottom Center:  Bonnie Mae Wolfe

When was this photo taken?
Photo provided by Virginia (Wolfe) Smith
Family Tree Database Covers
Eight Generations

John Wolfe (1757-1835)
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Other Information
Photos of the Wolfe 1981 Reunion.  See photos.

See Harvey and Annie Wolfe's Marriage Certificate!

Wolfe Reunion 1994
Virginia Mabel Wolfe
More Photos
  Smith Family
The Smith Family (circa 1953)
Top: Kenneth Smith, Virginia Smith
Bottom: Linda Susan Smith
Carol Ann Smith, Ronald Kenneth Smith

 More Wolfe Girls
Wolfe Sisters Photo

Left to right:
Virginia Wolfe, Salome Wolfe,
Eva Wolfe, baby Bonnie Wolfe

Photo provided by
Virginia (Wolfe) Smith

Theodore Wolfe


Wolfe Reunion 2003 Photos

elcome a new Wolfe!  Theodore Dietrich Wolfe, newborn son of Gregory Wolfe.  He's nine months old.


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