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Updated 1/25/2005

Wolfe Family 1993 Reunion Page


Minutes from the 72rd Wolfe Reunion 1993

Written by Virginia (Wolfe) Smith

Web version edited by Jim Garcia


Saturday, August 28th, was hot with a breeze and we had a great turnout for our Wolfe reunion.  Four members of family, and three longtime friends joined forty-eight members of the Harvey Wolfe family.  The oldest member present was Dorothy Wolfe Albright.  The youngest member present was Ricky Wolfe, the grandson of Richard and Pat Wolfe (Stanley Wolfe).  Children’s games were under the direction of Sandra Wolfe Sommers and Eileen Wolfe Angelino.  The persons coming from the farthest distance were Ralph and Millie Wolfe, and Hank and Betty Wolfe (who are in West Virginia for the summer).  Both these couples live in Florida.


The afternoon began with an update on the genealogy information gathered by Virginia and her brother, Lew.  Lew focused on the Black Creek Wolfe reunion attended by Lew and Eleanor on the 4th of July; our grandparents involvement in the founding of Coplay (both Wolfe and Frickert); plus a picture taken in 1884 of the cement mill in Cementon, a place where Grandpa Wolfe worked as a young man.  What Lew didn’t tell you is the he is working on a report of the early cement industry.  This will be shared with the Lehigh County Historical Society.


Moments of remembrance were held for two faithful members:  Harold Wolfe and Kenneth Smith, husband of Virginia Wolfe Smith; both died in September of 1992. 


A representative of each family branch brought us up-to-date on special happenings.

  • Betsy Wolfe Dorney and Carolyn Wolfe Pursell are sisters, whose father was Henry Wolfe, a son of Alfred Wolfe.  Nancy Laudenslager is the granddaughter of Frederick Wolfe, a son of Alfred Wolfe.
  • Dr. Tim married Cindy Zimmitti on November 14, 1992 in Middletown, Connecticut.  They are now located in Lewisburg and he is Chief of Pediatric Cardiology service at Geisinger Medical Center.  Tim is the son of Lew and Eleanor.
  • Evan Christopher was born in April 1993 to Lisa and Ed Kline.  Lisa is the daughter of Bill and Sandy Wolfe.


Buffet supper was enjoyed by all.  Highlights of the business meeting include: creation of a five (5) member board for the purpose of preserving the heirlooms and records of the Harvey Wolfe family.  The members include:

            Chairman -  William Wolfe

                 Sandra Wolfe Sommers

                 Eileen Wolfe Angelino

                 Ron Smith

                 Guy Wagner Sr.

            Advisors – Virginia Wolfe Smith and Lew Wolfe.


Election of Officers:

            President – Guy Wagner

            Vice-President – Bill Wolfe

            Secretary-Treasure -  Salom Wolfe


The date for the 1994 reunion is Saturday, August 27, 1994.  It will be held at the Louise Moore County Park, Pavilion #2.  The meal will be a buffet style meal with a grill available for your food.  Guy Wagner will provide the charcoal.


Annie and Harvey Wolfe and 13 children, who produced 20 grandchildren and 43 great grandchildren.  The following were present:

            1st Generation: Raymond/Eva, Millie/Ralph, Salome

            2nd Generation: Virginia, Han/Betty, Lew/Eleanor, Francis/Betty, Bill/Sandy, Betty/Harry, Walter/Nancy, Charles/Nancy, Richard/Pat, Sandra/Jerry, Gerald/Joyce, Eileen/Ron (23)

            3rd Generation: Carol/Van, Ron/Nancy, Sean, Evangeline, Guy/Linda, Jennifer, Cindy, Kevin/Stephanie.

            2nd Generation: Dorothy Wolfe Albright, Carolyn Wolfe Pursell, Elizabeth Wolfe/Donald Dorney.

            3rd Generation: Nancy Wolfe Laudenslager.


Friends: Fay Dietz Liggett, Foster Dietz



Virginia Wolfe Smith, Historian


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