Old Wolfe Family Photos provided by Eileen (Wolfe) Angelino and other family members
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Photo taken in Florida.  
Harvey W. Wagner and  Anna (Wolfe) Wagner

Harvey and Anna Wolfe Photo
Harvey Amos Wolfe's Family
Family at the picnic at the Nazareth Borough Park August 1941
Photo of Harvey and His family.
Mrs. Harvey Wolfe, Mabel, Anna, Salome,
Lewis, Robert, Leo, Stanley, Ralph, Harold,
 father Harvey Amos Wolfe (deceased)
Photo of
Harold Wolfe and wife Emma Sours Wolfe
daughter Sandral L.Wolfe
Harold and Emma Wolfe Photo
Mabel Elizabeth Wolfe Photo
Photo of
Mabel Elizabeth Wolfe

Wolfe  Family Reunion

Wolfe Reunion Photo

Ralph W. Wolfe
Raymond S. Wolfe
Harold J. Wolfe
Ann L. (Wolfe) Wagner
Henry M. Wolfe
Mabel E. Wolfe
Lewis S. Wolfe
Robert A. Wolfe
Stanley H. Wolfe

Brother, Leo J. Wolfe not in picture

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