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updated: 8/26/2005

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2005 Reunion

The 2005 Reunion was held on Saturday, August 20, 2005 from 1:00PM  - 8:00PM.  The reunion was at Nazareth Park and started at 1:00 PM.  Nine tables were reserved by Sandra. The location was behind the refreshment stand across the creek by the steps that lead up to the log cabin.

Minutes for the 2005 reunion will be posted when they become available.

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? and Linda Garcia

?, Eileen Angelino, Sandra Sommers

Betty &Leo Wolfe, Virginia Smith

Virginia Smith, Walter Wagner

Walter Wagner (wheelchair)

Eileen Angelino

Virginia Smith and Linda Garcia

Guy Wagner, (left)

Eileen, Eva Wolf, and Joyce Wolf

Gerald Wolf

Gerald Wolf (left)


Betty and Leo Wolf

Eileen Angelino and Gerald Wolfe
2006 Wolfe Officers
Henry Wolf

Leo Wolf

Sandra Sommers

Eileen Angelino
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